The 91st Academy Awards: yes capes!

I’ve been watching the Oscars every year for as long as I can remember. When I was a little kid I’d dress my Barbies up in gowns and pretend I was there as a fashion designer. Then as I grew older and more into film, I would try to watch as many of the movies as I could. Last year I was so mad at Hollywood that I decided not to try at all and I didn’t even watch the Oscars. This year I came back with a vengeance and not only did I try, but I succeeded in watching all 52 nominated films.

I have a lot to say about the Oscars this year, but let me start off with the fashion. After all the black last year (yes I looked up the fashion last year even though I didn’t watch the Oscars. I can’t help myself) it was nice to see colour this time. It definitely seemed to be the year of pink and I was here for it. Helen Mirren, Julia Roberts, and Angela Bassett all looked stunning in pink. Gemma Chan even looked stunning in whatever monstrosity she was wearing–extra points for hiding cookies in her pockets! Then again she could wear a paper bag and still look stunning.

Christian Siriano forever remains my hero with all his stunning designs on the red carpet last night. I mean did you see the blue dress that Octavia Spencer was wearing? Stunning! Kelly Ripa and Danielle Macdonald also looked amazing in Siriano’s designs. The real winner for the night in Siriano though was Billy Porter, who looked absolutely amazing in a Tuxedo dress. He wasn’t the only one who subverted gender expectations.

I was impressed with the number of women in fabulous pants suits as well. I am here for challenging gender norms. Amy Poehlar’s suit was amazing, but Awkwafina’s stole the show for me. Melissa McCarthy looked amazing in a pants suit as well, and it even had a cape on it, which brings me to the fact that it was also the year of capes.

Despite what Edna says the answer for me is always, YES CAPES! They may have been a bit extra, but I was loving the capes, but perhaps I’m biased because I’m making a cape for myself for a wedding coming up this year. Anyways… I didn’t mean to spend this long talking about fashion, so just a couple more things I want to mention before I move on to the actual awards.

Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree’s costumes when they presented the award for costume design was honestly one of my favourite parts of the night. I couldn’t stop laughing at the rabbits all over McCarthy’s cape and dress. Everyone in the room with me who hadn’t seen The Favourite were very confused, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Lastly, my favourite dress of the evening was Constance Wu’s. She looked like Belle from Beauty and the Beast and I was HERE FOR IT! Yellow can be a really hard colour to pull off well but she looked incredible in it.

On to the actual awards show itself.  First off, the decision to not have a host was their best decision. I’m okay if they never have a host again. There was no awkward monologue–although I loved the funny women of SNL doing a mock monologue–and the awards show seemed to go by much quicker without a host. We still got a few fun touches such as McCarthy and Tyree’s costumes and Keegan-Michael Key coming down from the ceiling with an Umbrella Mary Poppins style.

I was shocked Marvel actually won awards, but very happy. They deserved both costume and production design. Makeup was not a surprise, as the makeup in Vice was insane. Editing was not a surprise but was disappointing cause Bohemian Rhapsody didn’t have great editing. Sound editing and mixing were no shock, though Quiet Place deserved it more. I’m mad Green Book won best original screenplay over The Favourite. Thank God BlacKkKlansman won best adapted screenplay though. Best song was no surprise. I was shocked Free Solo won best documentary feature, because I thought RBG would win, but thank god it did because Free Solo was amazing. Animated feature was well deserved. I called all three shorts. I hated Skin but I knew it would win. Cinematography and foreign language film were well deserved wins for Roma. Visual effects was not surprising, but a disappointment because Avengers deserved it over First man. I wanted Beale Street to win for best score but I’m also happy Black Panther won.

Now for the big six. I called 4/6 of them. Regina King winning supporting was well deserved. No surprises in either actor win, though I’m annoyed Rami referred to Freddie Mercury as gay instead of Bi. I was SHOCKED Olivia Coleman bear Glen Close was extremely thrilled because she really deserved it. Alfonso winning best director for Roma was well deserved. Now best picture. I am so angry. I like Green Book but it did not deserve to win. Either Black KKklansman or Roma deserved that award and I’m still mad.

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