What I like About You Review

YA books and cupcakes? Sounds like a perfect combination. This book is just as sweet as it sounds.

Halle Levitt lives a double life. She’s Halle, a teenage girl who just moved to a new town with her brother to live with their grandfather while their parents work on a documentary. She’s also Kels, a book blogger and the creator of One True Pastry, a blog that combines YA book covers with cupcakes. What happens when her two worlds collide when she meets her internet best friend in real life?

I thought the premise was cute, and even though I usually find characters lying to each other b=very frustrating, it sort of made sense here and I was able to forgive it.

One thing that did bother me though was the constant bashing of adults reading YA. I get what the author was trying to say, that YA is especially for teens, but as an adult who reads and writes YA, I can’t help but feel insulted.

Despite that, the book was still a delight and I give it 4 cupcake covered stars.