The Happiness Project: Adapt

If you’ve been following along with my happiness project, you know that “play” was supposed to be my theme this month. I was planning on writing about Emerald City Comic Con and all the cosplays I was planning on doing there. As soon as ECCC was cancelled, I knew I needed to change my theme. So what better theme to adapt to than the theme “adapt” itself. 

I don’t even know where to start. This month has been trying, to say the least. We were bummed out about missing ECCC so we had a Lord of the Rings marathon and went to a distillery. This was only a few weeks ago (back when we were actually allowed to leave our houses) but it feels so much longer. 

It’s been hard to adapt to this new way of life. I already worked from home half the time anyway, so that wasn’t too difficult, but everything else seemed to be. Not only am I isolating, but I’m in the process of moving and finding a new job at the same time. 

My girlfriend and I signed a lease together and she recently moved in. I’m not officially moving in until June 1, just do to financials and giving my roommate time to find a new place (which might be impossible right now), but I’m staying here for a few weeks since we’re self-isolating together. This would have been a big change even without us being stuck together during a pandemic. It’s going well though. 

Now my job. So, I’m no longer job hunting since no one is hiring anyways. Luckily my contract at work has been extended again so that’s one less thing I need to worry about. 

I’m learning to adapt to not seeing my friends. I’ve been calling people more. Zoom meetings are a thing I’d never heard of and am now using all the time. Podcasting is now a thing we’re doing remotely. I miss going outside and seeing people but all these things are so necessary. 

I’m making sure to keep up with my routines and good habits to keep up my mental health. Just like everyone else, I’m just trying my best to adapt to this new way of living.