By the Book Review

The cover of this book is so cute that it drew me in immediately. Then I read it was a book about a girl who loves classic books and I already loved it even more.

Mary Porter-Malcolm knows a lot of classic literature, but she doesn’t know a lot about being a teenager. When she’s sent to a normal high school she makes friends who teach her about teenage life while she teaches them about boys, using men from classic books.

I found that Mary could be a little bit pretentious. I love classic novels too, but I found that she acted a little bit like she was better than everyone else because she reads so much. However, I think that might be part of the point and she definitely grew on me as the novel went on.

On a whole, I had trouble getting into the book at first, but once I got into it I was all in and actually quite enjoyed it. If you’re a fan of classic novels and YA romance, this book might be for you.

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