The Perfect Escape Review

The Perfect Escape was just that, it was a great little escape away from the world right now.

Nate Kim works at a zombie escape room and is always looking for a way to make some extra money. When Kate Anderson also starts working at the escape room and signs Nate up to join a zombie survival challenge with her, he seems to have found an easy way to make money. Will it really be as easy as it seems when he starts falling for Kate?

There were a lot of things I loved about this book. It was cute and fairly light and exactly what I needed. I thought the zombie nerdery was adorable and fun and I loved the obscure references.

The characters were occasionally frustrating. My biggest issure with characters is not being able to communicate and keeping things from each other and there is a lot of that in this book. However, it doesn’t detract too much from this sweet little zombie romance. 4 stars.

Pretty Funny For a Girl Review

Thank you to Peachtree Publishing for sending me an ARC of this book.

I love comedy and I love YA, so I figured if you put the two together I would love it even more… and I was correct.

Haylah loves comedy and wants to be a stand-up comedian but she isn’t ready to get up on stage herself yet, so she starts ghostwriting for a comedian she has a crush on.

I knew with the premise that it would either be degrading to funny girls or that it would be empowering, and it was definitely the latter. At the beginning of the book, I was worried about the premise.

I was also worried about the opening itself, where was Haylah being hard on herself and her body. To my delight, the book ended up being very body positive.

Haylah could be a little unlikeable sometimes and I found myself getting frustrated at her for pushing everyone away, but then she would do something very human and it reminded me that she was an actual human and not just being a melodramatic teenager.

Overall, I’d give this book a solid 3.5 stars. It was a delightfully charming British comedy that will make fans of standup smile.

Verona Comics Review

Book reviews are something I’ve been wanting to do and with all the great books I’ve been reading lately, I figured now was a good time to do it. I will be posting one every Friday and you can also follow along with what I’ve been reading on Goodreads. I believe people of all ages can read YA and I will be focusing mainly on that.

When I found out that Jennifer Duncan, author of Hot Dog Girl, had a new book coming out based on Shakespeare I was thrilled. Admittedly I’m not a Romeo and Juliet fan so I was also a little worried. I shouldn’t have been worried though because it was a delight. There was melodrama, of course, it wouldn’t be loosely based on Shakespeare if there wasn’t, but it was also a lovely queer story with wonderful mental health representation.

The premise is pretty simple. The stepdaughter of an Indie comic book artist and store owner meets and falls in love with the son of a huge comic book chain store, and he can’t tell her who he is. That has to go well, right?

Despite the fact that it’s based on one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, it still surprisingly felt fresh. The mental health aspect really added to it as well. Instead of the suicide at the end of Romeo and Juliet, there were heartbreaking hints of suicidal ideation throughout the novel. I won’t give away the plot, but I will promise that it ends better than its source material.

Occasionally I was frustrated with the characters and the lying. The melodrama could be a little much sometimes, but then there were these completely real and raw character moments and it made me forget that I was annoyed.

Fans of Shakespeare, comic books, and YA will love this book.

The Happiness Project: Humour

When I planned out my theme for every month almost a year ago, I had no idea that humour would be the perfect theme for this month. I had intended to go see any live comedy I could this month, but due to circumstances that didn’t happen. However, I still consumed plenty of comedy this month. So let’s break it down. 

Podcasts: I love podcasts so much and I already listen to a couple of comedy podcasts. I’ve gotten really behind on podcasts this year so I used this month to get caught up on Dumb People Town and How Did This Get Made. Along with those I also started a new podcast, Oh, Hello: The P’dcast. I loved Oh, Hello: On Broadway on Netflix so I thought the podcast would be fun too. I was correct, it’s very fun. 

Comedy Special: I had already seen it, but I thought this month would be a great time to rewatch John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch. It’s fun and ridiculous, and I just really enjoy it. John Mulaney is one of my favourite comedians and I’ve watched her standup specials more times than I care to admit to. So it was nice to make sure that he was a part of this month as well. 

Comedy Albums: This was something completely new for me. I had no clue where to even start so I asked my friend Andrea for recommendations. I didn’t love all of them (though I loved most) and that’s okay. Not every comedian is everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s okay. The comedy albums I listened to this month were:


  • Ivan Decker: I Wanted to Be a Dinosaur
  • Daniel Van Kirk: Thanks Diane
  • Sklar Brothers: Poppin’ the Hood
  • Rhea Butcher: Butcher
  • Christian Finnegan: Two for Flinching
  • Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive
  • Danny Bhoy: Subject to Change
  • Christian Finnegan: Au Contraire 
  • Elvira Kurt: Kitten with a Wit
  • Aziz Ansari: Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening


TV Shows: I already love comedy so most of this category was just keeping up with shows I already watch. Schitt’s Creek and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are two of those. I love them both so much and I’m sad that Schitt’s Creek is over and that B99 is over for the season, but I’m happy they got to be a part of this month. Shows are another thing I was behind on so this month I also started catching up on Sex Education. Another show I watched is one I’ve been meaning to watch for ages but then ended up saving for this month on purpose. I binged all of Big Mouth and I actually liked it way more than I thought I would. Though the fact that I love John Mulaney and Nick Kroll probably helped. Last but not least, as I’m writing this, it hasn’t aired yet, but on the evening of April 30, Parks and Recreation is coming back for a one-episode COVID special. I’m so excited. 

Books: I listened to Amy Poehler’s book Yes, Please which was hilarious and just made me love her even more. I read Separation Anxiety by Laura Zigman which was funny and heartwarming. I also started (but haven’t finished yet) Island of the Sequined Love Nun by Christopher Moore, which is weird and ridiculous and so much fun. 

Standup Specials: Since the majority of the comedy albums I listened to were by men I tried to focus more on women for standup. I even gave a comedian I haven’t been fond of in the past another try and found that I quite enjoy her now. This month I watched:


  • Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty
  • Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millennial
  • Pete Davidson: Alive From New York
  • Tig Notaro: Happy to be Here 
  • Jenny Slate: Stage Fright
  • Leslie Jones: Time Machine


Movie: I only watched one comedy movie this month but I really loved it. I watched Wine Country because after listening to Amy’s book I really wanted to watch something with her in it again. 

Documentary: I love Tig Notaro as a human being and comedian so this month I decided to finally watch her documentary Tig. She’s just so inspiring. 

Improv: Since I couldn’t go see any shows this month I didn’t expect to be able to see any improv, so I was pleased when Middleditch & Schwartz was put on Netflix. I really enjoyed it and found them to be very impressive. 

Clips: I don’t have tv which makes watching some things hard, but I was able to watch clips of SNL: at Home, Seth Meyers, and Jimmy Fallon on Instagram. In fact, Seth Meyers is the only place I get my American news now. 

This month was what I really needed. Everything is really tough right now and it was so nice to just be able to focus on things that make me laugh. I never used to be a fan of comedy, and I’m so glad I changed my tune and really love it now. 

Join me next month for Advocacy month. 


Work and COVID-19 with Rosa Saba

This week Andrea and Alicen talk with Toronto Star reporter Rosa Saba about work-life and COVID-19. She shares her tips on how to manage your mental health when you work in the news, and tips on how to manage if you’re laid off. 

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The Happiness Project: Adapt

If you’ve been following along with my happiness project, you know that “play” was supposed to be my theme this month. I was planning on writing about Emerald City Comic Con and all the cosplays I was planning on doing there. As soon as ECCC was cancelled, I knew I needed to change my theme. So what better theme to adapt to than the theme “adapt” itself. 

I don’t even know where to start. This month has been trying, to say the least. We were bummed out about missing ECCC so we had a Lord of the Rings marathon and went to a distillery. This was only a few weeks ago (back when we were actually allowed to leave our houses) but it feels so much longer. 

It’s been hard to adapt to this new way of life. I already worked from home half the time anyway, so that wasn’t too difficult, but everything else seemed to be. Not only am I isolating, but I’m in the process of moving and finding a new job at the same time. 

My girlfriend and I signed a lease together and she recently moved in. I’m not officially moving in until June 1, just do to financials and giving my roommate time to find a new place (which might be impossible right now), but I’m staying here for a few weeks since we’re self-isolating together. This would have been a big change even without us being stuck together during a pandemic. It’s going well though. 

Now my job. So, I’m no longer job hunting since no one is hiring anyways. Luckily my contract at work has been extended again so that’s one less thing I need to worry about. 

I’m learning to adapt to not seeing my friends. I’ve been calling people more. Zoom meetings are a thing I’d never heard of and am now using all the time. Podcasting is now a thing we’re doing remotely. I miss going outside and seeing people but all these things are so necessary. 

I’m making sure to keep up with my routines and good habits to keep up my mental health. Just like everyone else, I’m just trying my best to adapt to this new way of living. 

Mental Health and the News: COVID-19

We interrupt our regularly scheduled episode to talk about COVID-19 and how the news may affect your anxiety. We hope to ease some anxiety and remind you that we’re all in this together.

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