The Happiness Project: Advocacy

I had big plans this month. Mental health is a topic really close to my heart so for Mental Health Awareness Month, which is in May every year, I wanted to up my advocacy. Some of my plans didn’t happen as I planned a lot of this before COVID. For example, I was supposed to be going to a writing festival this month where I would have been on a panel about mental health and writing. Obviously that didn’t happen but some other things still did. 

I’ve had a mental health podcast for about a year now. We normally release an episode biweekly, but this month my cohost and I decided to release an episode every week. We started the month with an interview with Holly Forness on grief. All three of us have experience with the topic and we were able to discuss how different it is for everybody. Our second episode of the month was on mental health depictions in Disney movies, which was a really fun episode to record. On top of Mental Health Awareness Month, its also Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month, so our third episode was a special episode where my cohost interviewed me on living with BPD. Lastly, we ended the month with an interview with Callyn Dorval about routines and self-soothing toolboxes. You can listen to all these episodes (and our full library of episodes) here

I also planned on upping the social media for the podcast as well this month to spread awareness. I was only successful for a while. After a couple of weeks, I just didn’t seem to have the energy for it anymore.  Balancing my own mental health with wanting to be an advocate was tricky. It was triggering my anxiety too much to do some of the social media so after a couple of weeks I just accepted that we weren’t going to post much and I tried to be okay with that.

I also tried to write another piece for The Mighty for this month but it wasn’t accepted. After my luck of getting three pieces published in a row by them, it’s been hard to deal with rejection after rejection but I’m working on it. 

Join me next month for fear. An interesting topic in the time of COVID-19.