I Wore a Different Lipstick Everyday For a Month and Learned a Lot

Back in November I had a few friends make fun of my slight lipstick addiction. I mean I personally don’t think the 50+ lipsticks I own is a problem, but what do I know? Anyways. One of them joked about me making a post every day for a month with a different lipstick, and because my makeup-loving and slightly stubborn heart said “challenge accepted” I knew I had to do it, So because of one comment someone made, suddenly all my friends had to put up with a month of selfies on Instagram. I have to admit though, that I didn’t finish. I only managed to post selfies 28 out of the 31 days of December (let’s blame the no man’s land zone of time between Christmas and New Years), but I still feel like that’s pretty good.

It was nice to wear different colours than I usually wear. I tend to stick to reds and nudes because I love them so much, and I neglect the other colours in my drawer of lipsticks. This forced me to go out of my norm and finally wear the orangey, purple, and pale pink lipsticks I was too afraid to wear before. Not to mention brown. I had a brown lipstick I bought for a cosplay that I had never worn and through this challenge I learned that brown lipstick is a really good look on me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge fan of my reds, but I’ll definitely branch out to other colours more often now.

I didn’t start it as a social experiment, but it definitely became one. I noticed that the days I got the most likes were the days I wore the most makeup (usually with a red or a dark lip). I mean, this does make sense to me. I know I pull off a red lip pretty well, and some of the makeup I did over the holidays was some of the best I’ve done. I’m not shy about my makeup skills, I know I’m good at it. However, I also noticed that the pictures that got the most comments were the ones where I wasn’t wearing makeup at all. Some days I was just too lazy to put on a full face of makeup if I was working from home or not leaving my apartment. I would usually make a self deprecating comment about not wearing makeup, because self deprecating humour is sort of my thing. That’s when I’d get the most comments, telling me that I’m beautiful without makeup, and validating me for not wearing it. The thing is, the comments were very sweet, but I don’t need validation. I know I “don’t need” makeup. That’s not why I wear it. I just really love makeup. I find doing it to be really fun. I love experimenting with colours. I feel naked without lipstick. I’m not wearing it because I think I need it to look pretty, or for anyone else; I’m wearing it because I like to. That being said, I will always accept compliments on my makeup skills.

Now what did I get out of this other than the satisfaction that I did it? I mean, I did get some free lipstick out of it so I can’t complain about that. Even more importantly,I gained confidence. A new thing I’m working on this year is taking praise and admitting when I’m good at things. It wasn’t until last year I started calling myself a writer instead of just saying “I write in my spare time”. A couple of nights ago I called myself a seamstress for the first time, so that’s another step. But those are things I get paid for sometimes, I have proof I’m good at them (even if sometimes I don’t think I am). I mean, I guess I know I’m good at makeup, but despite my confidence earlier in this post, I’m not actually very good at accepting compliments when someone tells me I am. I think this challenge helped me get over that a bit. I mean, I didn’t do a full face of makeup for it everyday but when I did, it was nice that people noticed. I think I’m finally understanding that this is something I’m good at. I’m even doing makeup for two weddings this year!

Follow my personal account @alicenricard on Instagram to see my lipstick challenge pictures. If you can’t be bribed with makeup selfies, can I bribe you with the amount of cat pics I post?

List of Lipsticks used:

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